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SPRING is on its way!

Can you feel it? The melting ice... the trees coming alive with birds singing.... spring is on its way! We have more than just bird song to assure us that spring is around the corner. Many of our farmers and growers are busy seeding in their greenhouses. Your garden's future beefsteak tomato plant or the basil that you will snip from to flavor dishes throughout the summer.... they are in the works! We also have a large variety of seed packets from Seed Savers in get YOU started. The not warm, but also not excessively cold weather this time of year is always a little puzzling for what to cook up. As always though our farmers', bakers', and makers' fare is an inspiration.... If you've mashed and roasted your way through your sweet potatoes from Hollow Maple Farms, savor 'em next in this creamy hummus or in this sweet potato and green salads ! We love sautéing spinach during the colder months, but we're ready for it served up raw in a delicious salad this time of year! Grab farm fresh eggs, bacon, and spinach from the Market2Go to make this classic salad (psst it involves a hot bacon dressing...). Or get those warm-weather feelings making your own stovetop-griddled hamburgers (grab ground beef from Scherer's Custom Meats!) or grill some of their jalapeno cheddar brats.

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